Organic Wool Crib Topper

Organic Wool Crib Topper

Organic sleep begins with a natural sleeping surface. Studies show that better sleep is achieved on a natural sleep surface. Babies’ bodies are hard at work to grow and develop, and they do tend to sleep a all different hours. Whether you have an organic mattress or not, use this topper to create a natural, safe & chemical-free sleeping surface for your little one.

It is very important to create a natural sleeping surface for a baby. If a non-organic mattress is being used, it is highly recommend a topper to put some distance between your baby and the non-organic mattress.

Mattresses are required by law to be fire-retardant. Unfortunately, many non-organic manufacturers choose to use large quantities of fire-retardant chemicals that have proven to be toxic for our bodies to ingest or breathe. Wool does not ignite, so it is a natural, chemical-free, fire-retardant layer and a protective layer between your baby and the non-organic mattress.

This crib topper is approximately 1" thick and is recommended for infants over 3 months of age. Designed to work with organic or non-organic mattresses,  attached are also sturdy cotton elastic straps so your topper stays securely in place. Right where it should be...under your sleeping baby.


  • Premium Eco-Wool™ batting
  • Organic cotton fabric cover

Dimensions & Wool Weights:

  • Crib Size 28” x 52”, 1.5 lbs, cotton elastic straps


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