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All Natural Nursing Pillow

This all natural nursing pillow literally brings your baby closer for nursing. It's got the rig..


Baby & Toddler Playful Woollen Balls

This organic wool ball is easy for tiny hands to grab and hug. A musical bell is embedded in the mid..


Baby’s Best (Wool) Blankie

This is the softest wool available and can be right next to the skin or supplement a bed linen set. ..


Customizable Toddler Bed Pillow

Similar to a goose down pillow in that it’s satisfyingly smooshable, but different in that the “stuf..


Eco-Friendly Wool Baby Booties

Adorable handmade wool baby booties that are fleece-lined to keep your baby’s feet warm & snuggl..


Family Bed Bumper

This safety feature for the Family Bed actually becomes part of the foundation of your sleeping surf..


On The Go Happy Lamb Fleece

Lush and cloud-soft, the On The Go Happy Happy Lamb Fleece Topper is a natural alternative to sheeps..


Organic Baby Bath Gift Set

There is no time like bath time. Play, wash and just BE with your baby. Enjoy this baby bath set: ho..


Organic Wool Crib Topper

Organic sleep begins with a natural sleeping surface. Studies show that better sleep is achieved on ..


Toddler Woolly Wand

This sweet handmade toy is made with love, Premium Eco-Wool™ scraps and FSC wood. Non-toxic dye..


Toddler's Small Snuggle Pillow

Packable, stuffable and huggable, this comforting pillow can travel just about anywhere in the world..