Baby Shower Gifts: 5 All-Natural Ideas Every Family-To-Be Needs

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Don’t judge a baby’s needs by it size – even the tiniest newborn seems to need almost as much as adults! From furniture to clothing to toys and feeding time accessories, there’s no end to great baby shower gifts every new parent will appreciate. But what moms- and dads-to-be will appreciate even more than a gift is one that’s given with their baby’s best interest in mind. Choosing natural, eco-friendly baby items is a gift that continues giving for as long as the baby uses it. Take a look at our top picks for essential baby shower gifts every new mom and dad will love:


All-Natural Skin and Hair Care


Everyone loves a sweet-smelling baby, but you don’t have to rely on dangerous, artificial fragrances. Instead, choose all-natural personal care products that will be safe for both baby and mommy. Mainstream bath products often contain artificial fragrances, which usually contain phthalates. All-natural baby wash can also double as shampoo, giving moms and dads one less product to clutter the bathroom. In addition, all-natural washes tend to last longer, so parents can get more out of a single product.


Organic Cotton Burp Cloths


Burp cloths are often an ever-present accessory for new mothers. Given that newborns eat 8-10 times per day, new mommies may find it necessary to have a fresh supply of burp cloths daily.


Organic cotton burp cloths are perfect baby shower gifts because every new mother will need them. Organic cotton is softer and gentler on baby’s skin. Using organic materials, you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous chemicals lurking in the fabric. It also resists stains and washes easily to ensure every burp cloth will last as long as baby needs it. Opt for a variety of colors, patterns, and prints to make feeding time an adventure.


Organic Swaddling Blanket


Many babies take time to adjust to life outside the womb. A swaddling blanket is often thought to provide a “fourth trimester,” giving baby all the security of the womb during the first couple months of life.


Organic swaddling blankets are not only soft against your baby’s skin, they’re also lightweight, breathable, and easily washed. Swaddling blankets can help soothe fussy babies and ensure a good night’s rest, bot for baby AND mommy.


Soft Eco-Friendly Toys


Every baby needs a favorite toy, and all-natural materials can ensure safe playtime for everyone. Opt for a stuffed animal made from organic cotton, or soft merino woolen balls. Not only will the gentle texture of the material please baby’s skin, they’re also washable to ensure your baby never has to part with their favorite playthings. Plus, opting for organic materials helps you avoid the harmful chemicals often found in plastic toys and non-organic fabrics.


Glass Baby Food Storage Set


It will be a while before baby is ready for solid food, but busy mommies will enjoy being prepared with a set of glass baby food storage containers. Glass containers eliminates the risk of toxins associated with plastic, plus they’re dishwasher safe for added convenience. Mommies can make their baby’s food at home and store it in glass containers to keep it fresh or make it easy to transport on-the-go.