Baby Organic Bedding Essentials: 5 Things You Need to Know

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Choosing organic products for your baby goes beyond healthy foods and safe shampoo. Parents wanting to create a greener lifestyle for their baby often forget that baby bedding can also be organic. When it comes to choosing baby bedding, the options can be overwhelming. From individual blankets and sheets to matching sets with every accessory imaginable, it’s confusing for new parents to determine what they really need and what their baby can live without. Not to worry – these five baby organic bedding essentials are everything you need for an eco-friendly environment for your baby:


Organic Sheets


You can find organic fitted sheets in a variety of prints and patterns, usually in cotton percale. This type of material allows for breathability and durability while remaining soft and gentle against your baby’s skin. Parents will soon find that there’s no such thing as too many sheets, so make sure you have at least three on hand in case of nighttime accidents or illnesses.


Swaddling Blankets


Your baby’s skin is sensitive, especially as a newborn, and 100% organic cotton muslin swaddling blankets ensure only the gentlest touch. Swaddlers are well-known to calm fussy newborns and help them sleep as they adjust to life outside the womb. Some swaddling blankets become softer the more you wash them, making them a perfect choice for your little one.


Organic Crib Mattress


One of the most overlooked elements of organic bedding is the mattress. Companies like Naturepedic create 100% organic, eco-friendly crib and toddler mattresses that avoid latex, helping to reduce the risk of allergies. A Naturepedic mattress typically starts around $260, which is quite a bit more than non-organic mattresses. However, they also tend to weigh less, clean more easily, and come with a lifetime warranty, which can help justify the extra cost.


Crib Mattress Cover


If you’re springing for an organic crib mattress, you’ll want to protect your investment with an organic mattress cover. These covers are placed directly on top of the mattress like a fitted sheet and help prevent absorption from leaky diapers or sickness. As an added bonus, they can provide a little extra padding to give your baby a good night’s rest. It’s a good idea to buy a couple mattress covers so you’ll always have a backup while one is in the laundry.




Your baby won’t need to sleep with a baby blanket until after he or she is a few months old, but organic blankets are always a welcome item for diaper changes or playtime on the floor. You can easily find 100% organic cotton blankets at a variety of popular stores in every color and print imaginable.


In Closing


You should be able to find matching sets that contain most of the essentials listed above, which can sometimes be cheaper than buying each piece separately. However, it’s worth mentioning that some sets may include additional items, such as crib liners (which can be suffocation hazards) or quilts (which look nice but aren’t necessary). As long as your baby has the above five must-haves, he or she will be set for a safe, healthy snooze.