Wooden Blocks: Why They’re Still the #1 Toy for Children

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There aren’t many toys that you played with in your childhood that your children can still enjoy today. Wooden blocks are one of the very few exceptions.

There’s a good reason for this: they’re one of the most kid-friendly toys that have ever been created.


What Makes Wooden Blocks the Best Toy for Kids?


Wooden toys offer huge benefits to both your children and the environment. Children are especially sensitive when exposed to chemicals. Since most of today’s toys are made from chemically-fused plastics, their toys could be posing a health risk each time they play, especially if your baby or toddler places these toys in the mouth.  


Solid wooden toys, however, are made without chemicals, making them among the most health-conscious toy options in existence.  They never need batteries, electricity, or software updates, so your kids can play with them whenever their hearts desire.  Wooden toys are durable and long-lasting, and could potentially be handed down to a new generation if well cared for. The same can’t be said of plastic toys. Often, plastic toys enjoy a shorter life cycle and are then thrown into landfills.


Choosing the Best Wooden Blocks and Toys for Your Child


If you’re searching for wooden blocks, you have your work cut out for you. Their popularity has led to toy manufacturers around the world to produce their own line, which can make difficult work for parents trying to find the “perfect” set. Because this is the case for many moms and dads, you should that not all wooden blocks are created equal, which makes choosing the right set all the more crucial.  For starters, there are now wooden blocks painted in fun, bold colors and patterns. These colors are attractive to tiny eyes, yet their very essence could be risky to your child’s health, depending on how the blocks get their vibrancy. Some companies use paints with harmful chemicals. Or, they rely on cheap materials like MDF to make lookalike products that are actually teeming with toxins. 


If you want to ensure you’re getting the real deal, steer clear of manufacturers where wooden blocks and other wooden toys are made in mass and quality control is often lacking. Price is also another tell-tale sign – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Also, you can’t always trust packaging that looks eco-friendly. Anyone can use pictures of trees or promises of “natural wood.” It’s important you examine not only the product, but also the company it comes from.  These award-winning wooden blocks and wooden theaters and storefronts have been tested and verified as truly authentic green toys for your children.


In Closing


It’s alarming to think that products made specifically for children could be causing them invisible harm. And, in today’s plastic society, it can seem almost impossible to escape exposure. Almost. Filling your child’s playroom with wooden blocks and other natural toys brings you one step closer to creating the healthy lifestyle they deserve.