Eco-Friendly Baby Clothes: 5 Must-Have Items for Every Nursery Closet

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You might not be able to tell a visible difference between eco-friendly baby clothes and mainstream brands, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. In fact, there are several reasons why eco-friendly clothing is better for baby:

  • They’re more stain resistant
  • They’re free of potentially harmful chemicals, such as pesticides used on cotton crops
  • They’re safer for the environment
  • They feel good against baby’s soft skin

If you’re stocking your baby’s closet, make sure to include these five key pieces of eco-friendly baby clothes:




Boy or girl, newborn or one year old, every baby wears onesies, or bodysuits. They’re convenient, they make diaper changes easier, they stay “tucked in” to baby’s pants or shorts, and they’re suitable for every occasion. Many parents will agree you can never have too many. Make sure you stock your baby’s closet and dresser with plenty of organic onesies. Newborns feed about 8-10 times today and have just as many diaper changes, which means you’ll probably need several on hand each day to keep up with food and bathroom disasters.




Similar to onesies, playsuits (some people call them rompers) are one-piece wonders that snap at the bottom to make for more efficient diaper changes. Unlike onesies, playsuits have attached shorts or pants, and don’t usually feature the “envelope” neckline. Playsuits make a good solution for toddlers still sporting diapers or for when parents want a cute outfit but don’t want the hassle of matching pieces.




Tee shirts make a convenient solution for when your baby gets a little messy – just put on a new tee without having to change their entire outfit. And yes, your baby is going to get messy! Bonus for parents if you opt for tee shirts with the envelope neckline for easier dressing. If you’re starting your baby’s wardrobe from scratch, you’ll want to have a few tees in every size, gradually increasing that number as your baby grows. Eventually, convenient onesies will become more of a hassle, and you’ll want to switch to all tees.




You’ll need plenty of shorts to match your baby’s tee shirt and onesie collections. Choosing organic cotton shorts can help you conquer tough stains from diaper blowouts, plus they wash well and can last longer than mainstream non-organic brands. Opt for plain shorts that will go with a variety of colors. This way, when you need to switch out a tee shirt or onesie, you won’t have to dig for a pair of matching bottoms.




No little girl’s closet is complete without a couple dresses. If you don’t go to religious services or dress-up events, you can still place a few casual dresses in her closet just for fun. As with other organic clothing items, an organic cotton dress will resist stains, wash well, and last longer than your baby will be able to wear it.


Wrap Up


For more ideas on filling your baby’s wardrobe with eco-friendly baby clothes, check out our collection of organic cotton clothing.